17 Dec 18

Hot-pot and Pint Night

Monday’s are tough enough to deal with as it is without having to think of something to cook in the evening as well. You’ve got another week of drudgery and work ahead of you and the last thing you need is to worry about is whether you’ve got enough gone-off mushrooms to scrape together another bl**dy Jamie Oliver pasta bake. Let’s face it, with this level of depression and gloom you’re definitely going to need some kind of beer-based anaesthesia to get you through and a deathly dull bottle of Doom Bar from the Co-Op just isn’t going to cut it. What you need is the Sally to take all this pain away from you. What you need is a steaming hot bowl of a delicious, comforting stew all made with quality, local ingredients. What you need is a fresh, foaming pint of perfectly conditioned ale to sup your troubles away. What you need is the cheery company of others who can understand and alleviate your Monday blues. What you need is the gentle crackle of a log fire to warm and soothe your soul. What you need is the Sally Hot-Pot and Pint Night. Yep that’s right, every Monday night the Sally Hot-Pot and Pint Night will bring you a different hotpot, stew, casserole or chilli plus a pint for just £8 with food served between 5pm and 8pm. That’s Monday sorted, just got to get through Tuesdays now….!!. This weeks dish is locally reared rare breed Gloucester beef, beer and bean stew, served with crusty bread and butter.

18 Dec 18

Carols with the Woodford Silver Band

Christmas at the Sally wouldn’t be Christmas without our annual carol singalong with the Woodford Silver Band! Drunken Christmas singing that even Shane McGowan couldn’t match for sheer poignancy and loveliness…and if perhaps not tunefulness. The full silver band will be packed into one bar with the rest of the pub filled with you lot singing your hearts out.  Plus, if the music alone doesn’t fill you with warmth, we’ll be serving up a delicious Berkeley Estate venison, vegetable and vino hotpot with crusty bread and butter as well. It will of course all be brilliant! Singing starts about 7pm.

19 Dec 18

Christmas Mummers Play

Mummers plays in pubs are as much a part of a traditional Christmas as turkey, bad presents, family arguments and queues off the M5 to get into Cribbs Causeway. The big difference between Mummers plays and all of the other aforementioned traditions, is that Mummers plays are brilliant fun and the rest are horrendously dull. What with fun being a big part of what we do here, we decided this Christmas that we’re going to play home to a mummers play here at the Sally and none of other aforementioned things (although if the queues into Cribbs Causeway reach truly epic proportions they might just snake into Ham). Performing for us this year are the Ragged and Old Morris troupe from Stroud so look forward to suitably bizarre but wonderful evenings’ entertainment starting at 8pm!

23 Dec 18

The Christmas Sunday Sally Singalong

The late afternoon/early evening Sunday session in the Sally is one of our favourites. Sunday lunch is all washed up, you’ve kicked out the relatives, Saturday’s hangover is starting to clear and before you even start thinking about another working week, there is just one last treat to squeeze in. Time to get out of the house, have a brisk walk up to the Sally and sink a few relaxing pints with friends sat by the warm fire. Well, those Sunday evening sessions just got even better since we found hand-clapping, foot-stomping, ivory-tinkling, Elton John-eat-your-heart-out, piano playing legend “Mike The Piano” (OK we’re not sure what his surname is). Mike is the most gifted pianist and can it seems, pretty much play any number you ask guys for (“Do you know your monkey’s stolen my pint? “No but if you hum it…” etc etc). American Pie, Crocodile Rock, Hey Jude, you name it and he will play it (and we’ll probably butcher it trying to sing along). The Sunday Sally Singalong is brilliant way to round off your weekend and is well worth delaying Mondays for. As this is the last Sunday Sally Singalong before Christmas this S.S.S. will be Chrimbo-themed so make sure your voices are tuned for rousing renditions of famous Christmas carols and hits from Mistletoe and Wine (urgh) to Wham to White Christmas and of course, probably about a dozen run-throughs of Fairytale of New York! Music starts at 6pm.

25 Dec 18

Christmas Day at the Sally

Some things just become an essential part of Christmas Day. Turkey, family arguments, the Queen’s Speech, a tie from great aunt Janice, consuming more chocolate than a chocoholic trapped inside a Cadbury’s distribution depot whilst feeling “on form”. A Christmas pint at the Sally is one of those things. One of those things that make Christmas Day the special day that it is. Hence, your favourite pub (in Ham), is open for two and a half very special hours on Christmas Day, between 11.30am and 2.00pm (last orders at 1.30) to make sure we get to see all of you, you all get to see each other and we can all enjoy a delicious pint or two before we head on home for an ill-judged round of “Cards Against Humanity” with Grandma. See you on the big day!

31 Dec 18

New Year’s Eve at the Sally

Bring vinyl. Bring cheese. We’ll do the rest.

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