09 May 20

Fish, Chips and Sea Shanties with the Frampton Shantymen

The Frampton Shantymen are back! Like a male voice choir but more rambunctious. Like a traditional folk sing-a-long but more rousing. Listening and singing along with the Frampton Shantymen on an evening is the whole reason why pubs like the Sally exist. The camaraderie of communal song, the stomping of feet, clattering of hands, the bellowing of lungs, chiming of glasses and of course the swilling of the world’s finest beverage – BEER! The swooping and soaring harmonies of the Frampton Shantymen booming out traditional sea shanties is enough to warm the cockles of the coldest heart and gladden the saddest of souls. To accompany this fantastic musical extravaganza we will of course be serving up traditional fish and chips, chip-shop style wrapped in paper and everything. You cannot miss this! Shanties start at 8pm, fish & chips served from 6.30pm.

@Sallyatham #SallyEvents