30 Apr 17

Sargent’s Mess at the Sally

The Sargent’s Mess first played the Sally on New Year’s Eve 2013 and before the storms could manage it, they blew the roof off! Everyone loved it so much that a new year’s resolution was made for them to play the Sally more often. Hence the last Sunday in every month they’re here to bring you the best folk music this side of Ham Green. Let’s just hope we can afford the maintenance bill on the roof! Music will start at 8.30pm.

11 May 17

The Great Sally Alley Quiz-Off hosted by the Reverend Richard Avery of St Mary’s

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, roll-up roll-up roll-up your sleeves, its time to start swotting, sweating and rubbing those brain cells together for The Great Sally Alley Quiz-Off!

What’s so great about it?” we hear you cry. Well, it’s at the Sally of course!

We thought you said you’d never do a quiz – running out of ideas are we?” Aah sod off!

Enough with the awkward questions, here’s how it works; on the second Thursday of every month we’re inviting a different Berkeley charity to set the questions, act as quizmaster and trouser all the entry fees. Adding to the fun, each quiz will be sponsored by one of our favourite local breweries who will be donating a case of bottled beer as the prize. There will be six rounds of different topics chosen by the charity, including one specific to their own cause. They ask you questions, you try and answer them. The team with the most correct answers wins beer. We’re allowing teams of up to six people and entry fee is £4 per person. Register your team for 7.45pm and the great quizzing commences at 8pm. It’s going to be great…I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before?!?!?

This month’s quizmaster is a bit of a Sally quiz veteran now and a local legend. Reverend Richard Avery from St Mary’s church in Berkeley did an excellent job as quizmaster two Christmas’s ago to raise money for the St Mary’s Bell Tower Appeal so we’re delighted to have him back (in full vicar’s robes of course!) to host another Sally Alley Quiz-Off. He has chosen to donate all fees to the Berkeley Square to Berkeley Square bike riders, who are raising money for Sue Ryder, Meningitis Now and the CJD Support Network. Make sure you don’t miss it!

18 May 17

Folk Night

The Sally house band (Sally and the Hamonites) will be playing in the front bar of the Sally on the third Thursday of every month. Expect screaming fiddles, rattling banjos and heaving accordions with some traditional Irish jigs and reels! As Shane MacGowan once described it, it’s “heart, b*lls and feet music”!! Music usually starts about 7.30pm.

20 May 17

Sea Shanties with the Frampton Shantymen

The Frampton Shantymen have sung at the Sally twice now and each time has been just incredible. Like a male voice choir but more rambunctious. Like a traditional folk sing-a-long but more rousing. Listening and singing along with the Frampton Shantymen on an evening is the whole reason why pubs like the Sally exist. The camaraderie of communal song, the stomping of feet, clattering of hands, the bellowing of lungs, chiming of glasses and of course the swilling of the world’s finest beverage – BEER! The swooping and soaring harmonies of the Frampton Shantymen booming out traditional sea shanties is enough to warm the cockles of the coldest heart and gladden the saddest of souls. They will also be collecting donations for the RNLI. You cannot miss this! Shanties start at 8pm.

26 May 17

Pizza Monkey at the Sally

We are thrilled to have Pizza Monkey (a.k.a. Nick Higgs, a.k.a. Street Food Legend or as we called him, “Street Food”) back at the Sally for one special night this summer. Those of you that have had his pizzas here before will know why we’re so excited to have him back. Those of you that haven’t, take a good hard look at yourself and ask “what the hell have you been playing at?!?”. Using his mobile wood-fired oven, Nick’s pizzas are all hand-stretched using fresh dough and topped with the finest artisan ingredients. With the best pizzas this side of the Italian alps, washed down with the best beer brewed this side of Ham Green, your stomachs are in for one hell of a treat! Pizzas from 6pm until we run out!

21 Jun 17

Morris Dancing and the Summer Solstice

We’re big fans of the summer solstice here at the Sally. The longest day of the year means the pub’s open for longer so we can all drink more beer, right? We’ve definitely not misunderstood that in any way, have we?! Well, in any case, one thing we can be sure of is that we’re in for another cracking evening here at the Sally. To see out the longest day of the year the excellent Ragged and Old Morris Dancers will be performing their traditional Cotswold dances for you here in the Sally car park. We can’t think of anything better than kicking back out the front of the pub, pint-in-hand, to enjoy the sights and sounds of Ragged and Old whilst the sun drops down over the Severn Estuary and the Welsh hills behind. In the words of Shakin’ Stevens; “lovely stuff”. Dancing starts at 7.30pm.

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