19 May 22

Last Orders Picture House – The Big Lebowski


The Last Orders Picture House is our very own cinema inside a pub! Yep, that’s right, kitted out with an insanely expensive cinema projector and sound system, super cool deckchairs, beanbag sofas and even a popcorn machine! Plus of course, one thing that Vue, Odeon, Cineworld and even your Amazon Prime subscription and front room can’t deliver on….EPIC beer and cider!! As well as an array of fresh foamy pints we’ll have popcorn, chocolate, sweets and ice cream to keep your tastebuds as entertained as you will be. This fantastic award winning Cohen Brothers classic follows ultimate L.A. slacker Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire of the same name, who seeks restitution for a rug ruined by debt collectors, enlisting his bowling buddies for help while trying to find the millionaire’s missing wife.

Tickets are £5.00 each. We have only 23 tickets available so make sure you don’t miss out. Grab your tickets either online here (includes a booking fee) or from behind the bar. Film starts at 8pm promptly so please arrive in plenty of time to order any drinks/snacks and take your seats.

21 May 22

Live Music – Kevin Lovatt and Holly Carter

Since we moved to being a card-only business a lot of people said we didn’t care for Cash anymore. Well, allow us to set the record straight – Johnny Cash was, is and always will be one of our favourite ever recording artists. From his early Sun Studio recordings of “Cry Cry Cry” and “Hey Porter” to his warden-baiting “Folsom Prison Blues” to his latter-day, legacy-securing work with Rick Rubin on the beautiful “American Recordings”, we love the bloody lot and always have done. We love Johnny Cash so much in fact that after extensive playing of “The Man Comes Around”, the landlord’s own son was in fact named “Johnny Cash” for the first few of days of his life before a more conventional name was eventually settled upon (true story).

Just because we think you still might not believe us, on this very special evening we have the finest Jonny Cash tribute act on the planet performing for you right here at the Sally. Kevin Lovatt has received huge acclaim for his live performances as Jonny Cash with even die-hard Jonny Cash fans commenting that he “sounds more like Jonny Cash than Jonny Cash himself”. Highly likely therefore that were he still alive, Jonny Cash would have started a Kevin Lovatt tribute act by now. Kevin has been performing around the UK and the US for over 30 years now with his cover of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” featuring in a Hollywood movie as well as numerous TV shows. Accompanied by our very own Blues Collective legend Miss Holly Carter on guitar and vocals they will be rocking your socks off in what is going to be one very memorable evening. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and they’ll play out in the garden. If not, we’ll just rock out indoors. Either way, it’ll be a blast and you won’t want to miss it.

26 May 22

Cheese Club – The Perfect Pairing

On the last Thursday of every month we’ll take you on a guided tasting of five of the very best cheeses known to man. Each one will of course be paired with a delicious beer or cider and accompanied with fascinating fromage facts from our convivial host, “Jerry the Cheese”.  This month you will be looking at how palates differ and as beer styles don’t bow to any laws, so, just how are pairings put together ? Is Cider the perfect accompaniment to our very own Single Gloucester cheese ? Are Cheddar and IPA perfect bedfellows ? Were Port and Stilton a mismatch thrown together by circumstance ? There are lots of questions to answer as you will taste another new selection of cheeses together with a range of ales, ciders and perry. Come and compare the drinks to each cheese as you learn about and ultimately choose, your very own perfect pairing. Always an amazing night with booking essential. Cheese Club starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £20 available on the bar or you can buy them online here (includes a booking fee).

02 Jun 22

Live Music – The Holly Carter Blues Collective

Holly has wowed the Sally a few times now with her own brand of folk-blues fingerpicking musical magic. Each time she’s been so good we just had to book her up again. In order to save ourselves a lot of admin and Holly a lot of pestering, we’ve now just agreed to have Holly play here for you every first Thursday in the month. Each time however Holly will be joined by different members of her ‘blues collective’ to bring you an evening of the finest New Orleans blues, swing and Americana with a splash of country thrown in for good measure. Holly will host and curate a different ensemble of artists each month to give a fresh musical flavour as they take you on a journey through the finest beer-supping, hand-clapping, toe-tapping blues that neither Ham nor Berkeley has ever seen the likes of before! Music starts at 7.30pm.

04 Jun 22

The Jubilee Celebration Picnic

This summer the Queen will have been our reigning monarch for 70 years. We think it’s a pretty poor indictment of the state of our economy when at 96 years of age and after 70 years in the job, even the Queen can’t afford to retire. Still, the cost of social care for all those corgis (which must be what, 490 years old in dog years now?) can’t come cheap. We happen to think the royal family are a funny old bunch and whilst we’re not big fans of blinkered British patriotism and mindless flag-waving fanaticism, we do think dear old Liz has done a pretty good job and the traditional British monarchy (sex pests aside), makes this country unique and appealing to visitors from across the globe. So we shall park our natural cynicism for once and join in the celebrations in our own inimitable Sally way. For this jubilee celebration, we’re inviting you round to watch the Platinum Party at the Palace on our sexy new cinema screen. Technology and weather permitting, we’ll show it in the beer garden but failing that, in our skittles alley. For this very special evening, just this once, we’re breaking one of our own rules and allowing you guys to bring your own food into the pub. Yep, bring a hamper and a blanket and enjoy your own picnic in the Sally garden as the sun goes down. We do have picnic benches and deck chairs but it’s worth bringing something to sit on just in case. (It goes without saying that bringing your own drinks is strictly prohibited!). Talking of booze, that night we shall be launching a historical recreation of one of our favourite beers from when we first started at the Sally – Severn Vale’s Luverly Jub’lee! Originally brewed ten years ago for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we’ve invited the former head brewer and founder of Severn Vale Brewing Co, Steve McDonald into our brewery to recreate his classic beer. In addition to our usual array of delectable beers and ciders we’ll have jugs of delicious Pimms and as a homage to the Queen Mum, all gin will be 10% off! We’ll also hold a fancy dress competition with a prize for the best dressed member of the royal family (past or present). Exact timings to be announced nearer the time but the picnic will start from 5pm. See you there and God save the Queen (mostly from a highly-anticipated flare-up of gout after this weekend!).

13 Jun 22

The Leftover Pie Lottery

According to the ancient English proverb, “the early bird catcheth the worm”. According to Diageo and Guinness’s marketing department however, “good things come to those who wait”. Difficult to work out which one is correct – the intellectual and philosophical heavyweights of 17th century England or the brewers of an iconic dry stout that has been responsible for making Irishmen and women late for work for over 250 years? It’s time for you to find out every other Monday night by entering our Leftover Pie Lottery. Allow us to explain. Each weekend we purchase a set number of delicious fresh pies from Plenty Pies of Woodchester. If we have a busy weekend we tend to have a few leftover, uncooked and uneaten. If we have a quiet weekend we can have a lot leftover. Previously we either cooked and ate these pies ourselves or we gave them to friends and family. Following a few quiet weekends this strategy has taken it’s toll on our waistbands and we’ve had a rethink. From now on, every other Monday night leftover pies (still in date and kept and served to professional food hygiene standards) will be available to you from 5pm, served with chips and gravy at a bargain price of £5. It gets better. From 6pm the same dish is available for £4. From 7pm £3, 8pm £2 and from 9pm just £1 for pie, chips and gravy! “Sounds great” we hear you cry, “but why is it a lottery?” Well, to add a bit of fun into the event, we’re not going to tell you how many pies we have available at any point either before or during the night. Your gamble therefore is when to place your order. Either you can be the early bird and secure your worm (or pie in this case) or you can hold out for an absolute bargain but risk the pies selling out and not getting any worms (pies) at all! This will be a bit of fun so best taken it in the spirit it’s intended. If you’re someone who gets ‘hangry’, this event probably isn’t for you. If you’re someone who writes furiously to Trip Advisor that you didn’t get a Cordon Bleu dining experience for your £4, this event is also not for you. If you’re someone who is up for a bit of fun and is willing to gamble for a bargain, we’ll see you at some point from 5pm for the Leftover Pie Lottery!

15 Jun 22

Oliver’s Cider / Mills Brewing Tasting and Talk

It was 6am on Monday 5th October 2015 when a young Jonny Mills began mashing in for what would become the first ever Mills Brewing venture and the first of many Mills / Oliver collaborations. From our tiny brewhouse behind the Sally, hours later this unfermented lambic-style wort was hurtling up the road to Herefordshire and the home of world-renowned cider-maker, Tom Oliver. Poured over cider lees with an added injection of fresh foxwhelp juice and left to slumber in oak casks under Tom’s watchful eye, nineteen month’s later, Foxbic was launched here at the Sally. Bottles of this original beer/cider hybrid, which was subsequently listed by Pellicle magazine as one of the defining beers of the last decade, are now so highly prized that they have been seen trading hands for hundreds of pounds apiece.

Since then, Tom and husband-and-wife team Jonny and Gen Mills (Mills Brewing), have steadily released a number of beer / cider collaborations each one more stunning and complex than the last. Each party brings knowledge of it’s own craft but crucially both share a wealth of expertise in fermentation creating a collaborative partnership unrivalled anywhere in the UK, if not the world. Tom Oliver, also known as the “Wizard of the West”, has won countless awards and accolades for his ciders and perries which are a regular staple on the bar here at the Sally. Mills Brewing are the most in-demand, critically-acclaimed brewery in the country and have topped the list of UK breweries on the beer review app, Untappd. We’re delighted to be hosting both Tom and Mills Brewing here at the Sally for one very special tasting evening. Whilst stocks of their crossover brews are in such short supply, each party will bring three of their own drinks and hopefully, stock levels permitting, a case of Foxbic IV will also be available to try. The evening starts at 7.30pm. Make sure you book your tickets here now and don’t miss out on this very special night!

16 Jun 22

Stroud Morris and Mendip Morris Men

We’re big fans of morris dancing here at the Sally. There’s something beautifully barmy and British about seeing men and women leaping up and down, clattering sticks and waving hankies at each other outside the front of a pub. Our first troupe of the year is Stroud Morris Dancers and the Mendip Morris Men who will perform for us. There can be fewer more relaxing things than grabbing a pint of ale, kicking back on the bench out the front of the Sally and watching a morris team in full flow in the evening summer sun. Dancing starts at 8pm – just save me a seat on the bench!

16 Jun 22

The Great Sally Alley Quiz

Remember all those terrible Zoom quizzes you had to do during lockdown? What were they all about?!? No dazzling selection of cask ales to lubricate the neurons, no chip butty at the end and a wonky internet connection that made it ten times longer than it should have been and more like a game of musical statues than a battle of the braincells. Paxman would have turned in his grave, if he wasn’t still alive.

Anyway, the good news is, the Sally Alley Quiz is back, replete with chip butties and beer!

Every second Thursday of every month we’ll invite a different quizmaster to ask you six rounds of different topics. They ask you questions, you try and answer them. The team with the most correct answers wins beer! Pretty simple really. We’re allowing teams of up to six people and entry fee is £4 per person.

06 Jul 22

Morris Dancing at the Sally with Ragged and Old Morris

What’s that?! More morris dancing?!… Yup! We’re very pleased  to welcome back to the Sally the Ragged and Old Morris side to perform some of their traditional Cotswold dances. The Ragged and Old danced for us before (who knows just how many years ago now!!) and were such great fun that we’re thrilled to have them back again. Dancing and hankie waving should kick off about 7.30pm so grab yourselves a pint and come and join the fun!

21 Jul 22

Styx of Stroud Morris Dancers

For our final troupe of morris dancers are Styx of Stroud. Styx is a mixed Border Morris side, launched in 2012 to perform traditional and contemporary dances in the Border style – so like the best cider, that’s from the borders of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and (just a little bit) Gloucestershire. This is the first time we’ve had Styx performing at the Sally and we really can’t wait. In our opinion there are few better ways to spend an English summer’s evening that sitting outside a pub, supping an ale and watching morris dancing. The dancing starts at 7.30pm-ish. See you there!

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