24 Nov 22

Cheese Club

On the last Thursday of every month we’ll take you on a guided tasting of five of the very best cheeses known to man. Each one will of course be paired with a delicious beer or cider and accompanied with fascinating fromage facts from our convivial host, “Jerry the Cheese”. Always an amazing night with booking essential. This Cheese Club, the last of the year, will be dedicated to tasting more leading cheeses, previously untried and therefore brand new to Cheese Clubbers! Cheese Club starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £20 available on the bar or you can buy them online here (includes a booking fee).

28 Nov 22

The Leftover Pie Lottery

According to the ancient English proverb, “the early bird catcheth the worm”. According to Diageo and Guinness’s marketing department however, “good things come to those who wait”. Difficult to work out which one is correct – the intellectual and philosophical heavyweights of 17th century England or the brewers of an iconic dry stout that has been responsible for making Irishmen and women late for work for over 250 years? It’s time for you to find out every other Monday night by entering our Leftover Pie Lottery. Allow us to explain. Each weekend we purchase a set number of delicious fresh pies from Plenty Pies of Woodchester. If we have a busy weekend we tend to have a few leftover, uncooked and uneaten. If we have a quiet weekend we can have a lot leftover. Previously we either cooked and ate these pies ourselves or we gave them to friends and family. Following a few quiet weekends this strategy has taken it’s toll on our waistbands and we’ve had a rethink. From now on, every other Monday night leftover pies (still in date and kept and served to professional food hygiene standards) will be available to you from 5pm, served with chips and gravy at a bargain price of £5. It gets better. From 6pm the same dish is available for £4. From 7pm £3, 8pm £2 and from 9pm just £1 for pie, chips and gravy! “Sounds great” we hear you cry, “but why is it a lottery?” Well, to add a bit of fun into the event, we’re not going to tell you how many pies we have available at any point either before or during the night. Your gamble therefore is when to place your order. Either you can be the early bird and secure your worm (or pie in this case) or you can hold out for an absolute bargain but risk the pies selling out and not getting any worms (pies) at all! This will be a bit of fun so best taken it in the spirit it’s intended. If you’re someone who gets ‘hangry’, this event probably isn’t for you. If you’re someone who writes furiously to Trip Advisor that you didn’t get a Cordon Bleu dining experience for your £4, this event is also not for you. If you’re someone who is up for a bit of fun and is willing to gamble for a bargain, we’ll see you at some point from 5pm for the Leftover Pie Lottery!

08 Dec 22

The Great Sally Alley Quiz

Remember all those terrible Zoom quizzes you had to do during lockdown? What were they all about?!? No dazzling selection of cask ales to lubricate the neurons, no chip butty at the end and a wonky internet connection that made it ten times longer than it should have been and more like a game of musical statues than a battle of the braincells. Paxman would have turned in his grave, if he wasn’t still alive.
Anyway, the good news is, the Sally Alley Quiz is back, replete with chip butties and beer!
Every second Thursday of every month we’ll invite a different quizmaster to ask you six rounds of different topics. They ask you questions, you try and answer them.
The team with the most correct answers wins beer. Pretty simple really. We’re allowing teams of up to six people and entry fee is £4 per person. The quiz starts at 8pm, but make sure to get here for 7.45pm to register your team! This month’s quizmaster is the 1st Berkeley Scout Group who will be collecting the entry fees and raising funds to help the group continue it’s fantastic work!

11 Dec 22

The Sally Christmas Market

The Sally Xmas Market is back! We’ll be packing our festive Christmas alley with the finest food, drink and craft producers Gloucestershire has to offer. This year we’re very excited to have a line up including Tortworth Farm Shop, Wild Cider Co, Godsell’s Cheese, Mother Fudger, From Home and many more. Plus we’ll have mulled cider and a hot food stand. All this will be packed into our warm, festive skittles alley so you can shop whatever the weather. No only that but you get to do your Christmas shopping with a pint in your hand – now you can’t do that at Cribbs Causeway! Market runs 11am till 4pm – see you there.

21 Dec 22

Xmas Carols with the Woodford Silver Band

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual carol singalong with the Woodford Silver Band at the Sally! Drunken Christmas singing that even Shane McGowan couldn’t match for sheer poignancy and loveliness…if not tunefulness. If you haven’t been to this classic annual Sally tradition before, you’ve missed out – a full silver band packed into the Sally with lots of festive chorusing and carousing from the Sally locals. Singing starts about 7.30pm (probably). See you there!

22 Dec 22

Christmas Mummers Play

Mummers plays in pubs are as much a part of a traditional Christmas as turkey, bad presents, family arguments and queues off the M5 to get into Cribbs Causeway. The big difference between Mummers plays and all of the other aforementioned traditions, is that Mummers plays are brilliant fun and the rest are horrendously dull. What with fun being a big part of what we do here, we decided this Christmas that we’re going to play home to a mummers play here at the Sally and none of other aforementioned things (although if the queues into Cribbs Causeway reach truly epic proportions they might just snake into Ham). Performing for us this year are the Ragged and Old Morris troupe from Stroud so look forward to suitably bizarre but wonderful evenings’ entertainment starting at around 8pm!

23 Dec 22

Live Music – Cat Amongst The Pigeons

Cat Amongst the Pigeons are an up-tempo folk outfit made up of musicians you might just recognise from the Severn Vale and beyond. Their sound is a soaring, swoon of fiddle, accordion, guitar, trumpet and vocals covering a range of folk styles from traditional Irish to foot-stomping Balkan gypsy jazz to Pete Seeger-inspired big-band Americana. We’re delighted to have the ‘Pigeons’  in the Sally to end the last week before Christmas in style! Music starts around 8pm….probably.

14 Jan 23

Billy in the Lowground – Live at the Sally

We’re very excited to be hosting this very special band here in the Sally. With a line-up consisting of drums, bass, lead guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and vocals, Billy In The Lowground have a huge sound that ranges from Irish folk, Americana to country and rock. Formed in 1991 the band have headlined gigs up and down the country including multiple festival appearances and supported the likes of Shane MacGowan, John Otway, Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy, Oysterband and Fairport Convention. Despite comparisons with the Waterboys and the Levellers, ‘Billy….’ play all original material and have a sound which is uniquely their own. Packing such a big band into the Sally is going to be a bit of a challenge but this really is going to be one night you cannot afford to miss!

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