25 Feb 18

The Sunday Sally Singalong

The late afternoon/early evening Sunday session in the Sally is one of our favourites. Sunday lunch is all washed up, you’ve kicked out the relatives, Saturday’s hangover is starting to clear and before you even start thinking about another working week, there is just one last treat to squeeze in. Time to get out of the house, have a brisk walk up to the Sally and sink a few relaxing pints with friends sat by the warm fire. Well, those Sunday evening sessions just got even better since we found hand-clapping, foot-stomping, ivory-tinkling, Elton John-eat-your-heart-out, piano playing legend “Mike The Piano” (OK we’re not sure what his surname is). Mike is the most gifted pianist and can it seems, pretty much play any number you ask guys for (“Do you know your monkey’s stolen my pint? “No but if you hum it…” etc etc). American Pie, Crocodile Rock, Hey Jude, you name it and every fortnight he’ll be here to play it (and we’ll probably butcher it trying to sing along). The Sunday Sally Singalong is brilliant way to round off your weekend and is well worth delaying Mondays for. Music starts at 6pm.

01 Mar 18

The Sally Cheese Club

One of the few things that we love almost as much as beer and cider here at the Sally is cheese. Being based in Berkeley we are also steeped in cheese-making history with the town once famous for being the cheese capital of the county (Double Berkeley anyone?!). Given this, we’ve decided that we need to celebrate, nay worship, our favourite booze accompaniment on a monthly basis. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you The Sally Cheese Club! Our resident cheese connoisseur Jerry (no, not a cartoon mouse but actually a cheesemaker for the legendary Jonathan Crump) will take all you fans of fromage through a hand-picked selection of world cheeses that would make Wallace and Gromit wet themselves. Jerry will be pairing each cheese with a sample of perfectly paired beverages from some of the world’s finest beers and ciders and some alright wine as well. Sally Cheese Club will run on the last Thursday of every month starting at 7.30pm (apart from February where we’ve pushed cheese club back a week into March because it’s a shorter month). Tickets are £14 each (available to book in advance now from the bar) and include a selection of and introduction to six different cheese and drink pairings from our man Jerry. The theme of this month’s cheese club is the Six Nations so you can expect a cheese from each of those countries and see if their cheese-making is as good as their rugby playing!

08 Mar 18

The Sally Alley Quiz Hosted by Cobweb Corner

Yes that’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, roll-up roll-up roll-up your sleeves, its time to start swotting, sweating and rubbing those brain cells together for The Great Sally Alley Quiz-Off!

What’s so great about it?” we hear you cry. Well, it’s at the Sally of course!

We thought you said you’d never do a quiz – running out of ideas are we?” Aah sod off!

Enough with the awkward questions, here’s how it works; on the second Thursday of every month we’re inviting a different Berkeley charity to set the questions, act as quizmaster and trouser all the entry fees. Adding to the fun, each quiz will be sponsored by one of our favourite local breweries who will be donating a case of bottled beer as the prize. There will be six rounds of different topics chosen by the charity, including one specific to their own cause. They ask you questions, you try and answer them. The team with the most correct answers wins beer. We’re allowing teams of up to six people and entry fee is £4 per person. Register your team for 7.45pm and the great quizzing commences at 8pm. It’s going to be great…I don’t know why we didn’t think of this before?!?!?

This month Sally locals “Cobweb Corner” are hosting the quiz with all proceeds being donated to CLIC Sargent.

15 Mar 18

Folk Night

The Sally house band (Sally and the Hamonites) will be playing in the front bar of the Sally on the third Thursday of every month. Expect screaming fiddles, rattling banjos and heaving accordions with some traditional Irish jigs and reels! As Shane MacGowan once described it, it’s “heart, b*lls and feet music”!! Music usually starts about 7.30pm.

22 Mar 18

The History of the Sally

We’ve always been fascinated with the history of the Sally but it’s very much an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Every now and then, someone from the Sally’s past will pop in and give a few extra pieces of information but we’re still very much in the dark about a lot of the pub’s past. We’ve done a bit of digging ourselves and found some brilliant stories including ones featuring a travelling blind flautist and ‘Captain Drinkwater’ and the likes. We also know that the Sally has been referenced in literature, appeared on local, national and international television and played host to the likes to The Two Ronnies and many other celebrities, but we’re only scratching the surface. There are so many things we want to find out. Who were all the previous landlords? When did the current pub sign first go up? What was the original layout of the bars like? Was it always a cider pub? Why is it called the Salutation? When did it first start trading as a pub? Why doesn’t the building face the road? Who are the people in the old photos we currently have hanging on the wall? We have endless questions! The purpose of this evening therefore is to gather as many sources of information about this incredible pub’s past as possible. We’re hoping to bring together the Sally’s past landlords, or their relatives at least, as well as customers or anyone else who has been associated with the pub or can remember it from way back when to help contribute. The format of the evening will be a series of short talks from as many different people as possible but we also want the evening to be open to anyone that wants to contribute. We also hope to put together a collection of old photos and maybe some videos for you to peruse that might jog some memories. If you know anyone that has any insight into the Sally’s past then please do send us an email to tiley.peter@gmail.com as we’d love to here from you and hopefully make you a part of the evening. The evening starts at 7pm in the skittles alley. We hope to see you all there.

31 Mar 18

Pizza Monkey at the Sally

We are thrilled to have Pizza Monkey (a.k.a. Nick Higgs, a.k.a. Street Food Legend or as we called him, “Street Food”) back at the Sally once more. Those of you that have had his pizzas here before will know why we’re so excited to have him back. Those of you that haven’t, take a good hard look at yourself and ask “what the hell have you been playing at?!?”. Using his mobile wood-fired oven, Nick’s pizzas are all hand-stretched using fresh dough and topped with the finest artisan ingredients. With the best pizzas this side of the Italian alps, washed down with the best beer brewed this side of Ham Green, your stomachs are in for one hell of a treat! Pizzas from 5pm until we run out!

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