Saturday Session – DEYA and the Blues!

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It’s been a while since we had one of our Saturday Sessions in the skittles alley and it’s definitely time for another one! If you haven’t been before, the idea is pretty simple. We basically turn our skittles alley into one of those trendy taprooms that come as standard on most industrial estates nowadays, replete with “craft beer” (whatever the f*ck that is?!) and “vibes”….yeah, those. Anyway, we’ll create our own so all you guys don’t have to worry about going to a real one and feeling out of place, under-tattooed, confused by street food and people with complicated hair and secretly wishing they’d turn the music down. To save you all that we’ll set up a keg bar in the alley (or, whisper it, maybe even in the garden!) with five extra taps of beer from one of our favourite breweries. This time we’ll have a selection from our good friends, the legends of Cheltenham that are DEYA Brewery! You all know how good DEYA are so there is no need for me to bang on about it here. As a lot of DEYA’s beers were named after famous blues tracks we think it’s only appropriate that we accompany the session with a soundtrack that would make Muddy Waters weep, Skip James skip, Eric Clapton clap, Howling Wolf howl and Robert Johnson scour eBay for another soul to sell down at the crossroads again. Beer and blues starts at 3pm.

If you have any questions about events at The Salutation Inn, please either call us on 01453 810 284 or email We hope to see you soon!
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