Pete and Jeanette attempt…..Christmas Dinner

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Buoyed by the recent success of their ‘Big Fat Fry Up’, Jeanette “From Home” Palmer and the Landlord have convinced themselves that a return to the Sally kitchen for another crack at Christmas dinner is somehow a good idea. (The word “hubris” comes to mind…). In fairness to them, with the fry-up, most of the food left the kitchen in a timely manner and, as yet, there have been no recorded deaths.  Not bad for two untrained, uncoordinated, amateur chefs! For their next challenge they will attempt to provide a professional service and edible food for the most important roast of the year, Christmas dinner. If it all goes to plan you can expect delicious, succulent roast turkey accompanied by sprouts, parsnips, roasties, pigs-in-blankets and all the usual trimmings. If it doesn’t go to plan….well…who knows! All we can say is we can guarantee you’ll eat something, listen to endless re-runs of the Pogues and have some fun. As ever we won’t take bookings so just turn up, grab and seat and enjoy!

If you have any questions about events at The Salutation Inn, please either call us on 01453 810 284 or email We hope to see you soon!
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