Paddy’s Day

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Given the Landlady’s close cultural links with the Irish (she’s Irish), our fondness for Guinness (also Irish) and our love of the Pogues (half Irish), we thought it would be appropriate to join our friends over the pond in celebrating Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick (originally from Cumbria). From observing the traditional homage to the man each year, we can surmise he spent most of his time staggering around Temple Bar slurring the words to Finnegan’s Wake whilst sporting an oversized Guinness hat and a bright ginger beard flecked with vomit. Legendary stuff. Anyway, to avoid accusations of cultural appropriation, our celebrations won’t be quite as authentic. Instead we’ll be serving a warming bowl of beef and ale stew with Guinness bread, soundtracked by the best traditional Irish folk music (no, not U2 or the f*cking Corrs) and we’ll have a 25% discount on all pints of Guinness from 4pm. If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve ordered in some craic for you all to enjoy. (We’re not really sure what that is but apparently it’s jolly good fun and really rather moreish!). Stew served from 4pm until 7pm. Slainte!

If you have any questions about events at The Salutation Inn, please either call us on 01453 810 284 or email We hope to see you soon!
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