Mummers Play at the Sally

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What can we tell you about mummers’ plays? Well, it’s a bonkers British tradition that takes place in pubs around Christmas time. The participants are somewhat eccentric in a warm and fuzzy, David Bellamy-type way. The story often has something to do with George and “the Dragon” (don’t they live on Ham Green?). They’re random, fun and spontaneous and much like the first two Coldplay albums, we have absolutely no idea why we like them, we just do! If you know as little as we do, come down to the Sally as the wonderful Ragged and Old Morris side perform right before your merry eyes! Expect them to burst through the front door unannounced around 8pm.  After that, just sit back, watch, learn, listen, take notes and then let us know what the hell is going on at the end. Cheers!

If you have any questions about events at The Salutation Inn, please either call us on 01453 810 284 or email We hope to see you soon!
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