The Last Orders Picture House is our very own little cinema here at the Sally. Hosted in our newly redecorated, cosy skittles alley we have seating for just over 20 movie goers on our vintage deckchairs and super comfy beanbag sofas. Our aim is to bring you a unique cinema experience in a relaxed and sociable environment by showing a range of classic and cult-classic movies, lubricated of course by a dazzling array of award-winning ales and ciders. Popcorn, sweets, chocolate and ice cream are also available to complete the cinema experience.

Tickets can be purchased behind the bar or online at the links below and include a free tub of popcorn. Book yours now to avoid disappointment!


Mon 22nd Nov 7.30pm – Rocketman.

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This film is bound to get you singing along and bouncing up and down in your chairs! Rocketman is the Oscar winning musical fantasy based on a young Elton John starting out in the music world and dealing with all the trappings of fame and fortune. Moving, heart-warming, fantastic fun and of course, a kick-ass soundtrack!

Sat 4th Dec 8pm – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Our first ever Saturday screening and we’re starting with an absolute banger! The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the 1975 musical comedy horror film based on the musical stage production of the Rocky Horror Show. A newly-engaged couple breakdown in an isolated area and must seek refuge at the bizarre residence of Dr Frank ‘N’ Furter…the rest as they say, it’s musical, comedy and cinematic history! Brace yourself for an exhilarating night of campness, singalongs and a celebration of the weird and wonderful mind of actor and writer Richard O’Brien. Audience participation is not encouraged…it is expected! Tickets are £7.50 and include a free tub of homemade popcorn, available behind the bar or online here (incurs a booking fee). See you there!

Mon 6th Dec 7.30pm – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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The ultimate American teen comedy about as wise-cracking, high school slacker who skips school for the day in Chicago. A cult-classic that never fails to list amongst the greatest films of all time. 

Mon 20th Dec 7.30pm – Die Hard.

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Our last film before Christmas is a controversial choice (can it really be counted as a Christmas film?) but we don’t care! Christmas without Die Hard would be like turkey without stuffing. It’s a film that needs little introduction really, Bruce Willis leaping about a building in his bare feet shooting lots of bad guys, oh, and it’s set at Christmas time. ‘Nuff said – it rocks! 
“Yippee-ki-yay motherf****r!”